In the era of the Internet, IT plays a more and more important role in all walks of life. Catering enterprises in particular, whether start-ups or established ones and regardless of the scale of enterprises, they all need a set of software best suited to their own business development and innovation.

Shinetech is adept at using software technology to achieve the best balance between business plan and limited funding and working out the most appropriate software solution for your creative ideas.

why shinetech

By launching quickly at preliminary stage, customizing the minimum available version and then updating software function in real time according to the actual feedback after entering the market, Shinetech helps you witness the investment effect of IT funds with minimum input and risk, especially for start-ups, the sales generated from quick launch in the market can also promote their further development, so as to effectively solve the problem of limited funds.

In view of such requirements as management informatization, e-business integrating and market innovation of catering enterprises, and based on its experience accumulated over the past 16 years, Shinetech can provide customers with overall software customization schemes based on PC side, mobile app covering purchasing, ordering, personnel performance appraisal, financial management, CRM, marketing, online ordering and other links to enable catering enterprises to reduce operating costs, improve management efficiency and optimize service process.


Livebookings headquarters in London and provides reservation service for 9,000 restaurants and chain stores in 23 countries, including the Untied States, the number of diners booking a restaurant through this online platform reaches 3.8 million. Shinetech, together with its in-house team, help the customer achieve an annual growth rate of 92% in reservation business.


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