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 Founded in Beijing, China in 2001, collaborated with 1000+ clients around the world, Shinetech is one of the highly regarded offshore software development service providers in the industry for its superior quality and commitment to innovation. We offer flexible teams comprised of proactive and creative developers to meet our clients’ diverse development needs and create value to their rapidly evolving business. By collaborating closely with the clients, we aim at enhancing our clients'  capacity to grow their business and becoming a trusted long-term development partner.


Shinetech delivers high standard of software development outsourcing services to our global clients. Our agile developers use advanced methodologies and leverage deep technology expertise to customize solutions for our clients' diverse needs. Whether you are in need of a software/application to widen your business goals and improve your business efficiency, or just a few additional software developers to expand your in-house development team, Shinetech can provide the right services to help you solve problems and achieve your goals.

Custom Software Development Service

For companies who are looking for a partner capable of offering end-to-end software solutions, Shinetech provides a cross-functional team to dive into clients' business and customize the solution that focuses on solving clients' problems and bring them business values.


Hire Dedicated Developers

For companies who need to build or extend a team of developers who can work in close collaboration, Shinetech provides a large pool of dedicated and well self-managed developers to extend clients' in-house development capacity so as to enhance their business growth.



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We like to share our opinions about software development offshore outsourcing, about our company, about our people and about how we work.

Agile is not Just a
Development Method

Developers with no agile mindset performing agile development would be a disaster. Agile mindset is a must-have for developers preforming Agile development. Chinese developers with Agile mindset works in the same way with local developers in the US/Europe. 


My Journey from an Alpha Geek
to a Solution Focused Advisor

All developers have deep pride in their work, or at least strive for it. This is why I've always aimed to be the most technically adept and knowledgeable person in the Shinetech work group. Until I realized strong tech skills are not the only determining factor for project success.


Confused Agile

Agile is not just a methodology, neither the similar process as Scrum. It's a kind of attitude or philosophy for thinking and doing things. Agile means everyone in the team work independently and creatively. At Shinetech, we are trying to build an environment for agile to survive and grow.


Progressive business needs a reliable IT outsourcing partner for its business innovation and growth. Shinetech Software, your trusted IT solution provider and software development partner.

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