Hire Dedicated Developers

Hire dedicated china developers, take your software development to another level

When you need to hire developers to accelerate the development process or take care of long term continuous development needs, Shinetech provides dedicated developers who work as a seamless extension and integral part of your in-house team during the whole software development life cycle. Each developer will be carefully selected with the appropriate skill mix and optimal level of experience and expertise to match your specific needs. They will be 100% dedicated to your project and put forth their best efforts to make your project a success.


discover why shinetech developers have been trusted by 1000+ clients in 17 years

Creativity is Everything in Today's Software Development

We understand the toughest challenge for you is to find the sweet spot between outsourcing and efficiency. So we cultivate an open, collaborative and inspiring culture to motivate our developers to learn and grow. Our developers always have the opportunities to challenge themselves and expand their horizons through international assignments, sharing meeting and learning groups. This enables them to be creative, quality focused, and put forth their best efforts at work to efficiently drive your projects forward.

Dedicated Developers

Time-proven onsite+offshore service model ensures seamless collaboration

Shinetech adopts onsite+offshore service model to deliver service excellence for hundreds of clients in last 17 years. Onsite developers enables face to face communications with clients, and full visibility of project development status combined selected project management tools. It helps our people understand clients' business, values and strategies better, and also allows the clients to easily learn our people's abilities to work on their project needs. 

Technical Expertise covers the entire software development spectrum

Shinetech motivated developers are driven to keep their skills sharp in the most widely adopted technologies today. Their professional technical capacity provides you access to the experts not always available in-house, such as software developers expert in .Net, Java, PHPRuby on Rails, iOS/AndroidSharepoint, Front-end, web applicaiton, IoT, Python, etc.

With at least 5+ years of experience in their domain expertise and specific fields, our developers would work alongside you from the conception phase to final delivery, continuously evaluate and try the better development methods and frameworks to improve the system efficiency. Meanwhile, with the business perspective kept in mind, they can quickly understand your requirements and carefully consider the best technical options for you by aligning the requirements with your business needs.  

hire the best from Large Talent Pool

We have a talent pool of 450+ offshore architects, mobile developers, web developers, testers and designers etc. located across 21 development centers in China and 7 regional offices around the globe. These talents have good command of most modern programming languages and technology stacks, they can work on projects including enterprise systems and applications for desktop, web and mobile, as well as a good understanding of your culture and working style.


a taste OF Shinetech Developers

Terry Shi
Senior .NET Developer
Joined Shinetech in 2010


Gary Gao
Senior ROR Developer
Joined Shinetech in 2011


Tyler Tan
Senior QA & Automate Testing Specialist
Joined Shinetech in 2012


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Free Trial

Try a candidate developer and evaluate his communication skills and work efficiency

Money Refund

Latest iteration (two weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with the deliverables

Easy Cancellation

The contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if client is not satisfied with the work

Switch Members

Change a team members, we offer a knowledge transfer period of 10 working days, free of charge


We know it is not easy to choose an software development outsourcing partner. Over 50% of our business comes from clients who have had poor experience working with other outsourced developers/development teams and want us to redo their projects, or take over from where left off. Let’s start from 1 developer to see whether Shinetech is the right partner in your mind:

  • Make a contact and Sales Representative will recommend candidates according to your needs;
  • Select one developer from recommended CVs;
  • Take a one-week free trial with the chosen developer to evaluate the development efficiency, communication skills and our working method;
  • If the developer is a good fit for your requirement, then we'll move into the full contract period with him and start the formal cooperation;
  • Continuous quality delivery and adding more developers as per your requirements.

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