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If you are in one of the following situations, you can consider Shinetech as your software development outsourcing solution. 

  • You do not have your own IT capabilities, but need a trusted outsourcing partner to take care of your long term continuous development requirements;
  • You have a good idea but know little about IT technology, you need a software development partner to help you transfer your ideas into a working software;
  • You have ever worked with other outsourcing companies, but the submitted software turns out not to be the one you wanted;
  • You have your own IT resources, but they are not capable of achieving what you want.     

Shinetech provides Custom Software Development Service to help with your unique development needs and unlock your business potentials. We'll work as your in-house development team or R&D center to propose innovative solutions to your problems, and develop the software applications with a competitive edge so as to enhance your capacity to grow business, and ultimately deliver the results you expect. 



Beyond offshore development offerings, we believe a strong onshore technical support is essential to guarantee the most smooth cooperation with clients and a prerequisite to customize the software that can really solve clients' specific problems and create value for their business. Because to achieve this, we need to have a deep understanding of clients' business, a close collaboration with clients to sort out the requirements, and a quick response to their ever-changing needs and problems.  So we provide onshore Tech Leads from local offices in New York, Tampa and other cities to dive into clients' business and discuss their software custom development requirements. The onshore Tech Leads are able to have direct and clear communications with clients during local business hours and meet clients face to face based on the projects needs.

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Experienced Onshore Tech Leads

Our onshore Tech Leads have 10+ years software development experience and extensive multi industries background. They have good command of English communication skills and will keep a close communication with you. They'll gather the business requirements, confirm the main priorities, transfer the business requirements into project requirements, and provide business value-focused technical solutions. With the continuous focus on business value, they'll set the project on the correct path from the start and keep it in the right track during the whole development process, so as to customize a software that really solve your specific problems and add value to your business. They'll build and manage an offshore development team dedicated to your ever-changing requirements, and always find solutions to optimize your business process and deliver value continuously.

Dedicated Offshore Development Center

Our offshore development center is comprised of multiple agile developers. The team size and team structure are flexible according to the actual project needs and delivery efficiency. Offshore Development Team combines onshore Tech Leads to form a collaborative and cross-functional team to continuously deliver value for you. With self-managing ability, offshore development team will bring in their strengths in particular technology/industry into the project, as well as their creativity and innovation in addition to the simple development work. They will keep a close communication with both the clients and onshore tech leads, contribute their ideas or solutions for improving the development efficiency and accelerating the client's business growth.

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Our onshore-offshore model designed for custom software development service allows us to collaborate regardless of timezone. Such collaborations have been key to the success for the teams that have been running as part of our clients' R&D centers or IT departments. As an expert in Automotive, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Finance, Public sector, and Mobile Application etc., we have successfully accomplished projects include:

  • A set of Self-service Storage Customer Center Systems of PC and Mobile terminals for CubeSmart.

  • Europe’s largest online restaurant booking system

  • CMS and customized media publishing app used in exhibitions by one of the most well-known telecommunication companies

  • Merchandizing Selecting System including CRM, CMS, FMS modules for a Fortune Global 500 clothing manufacturers. 

  • A vehicle health check mobile application for a global brand of industrial and automotive lubricants 

  • Telemedicine Healthcare Systems for Secure Medical.


Free Trial

Try a candidate developer and evaluate his communication skills and work efficiency

Money Refund

Latest iteration (two weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with the deliverables

Easy Cancellation

The contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if client is not satisfied with the work

Switch Members

Change a team members, we offer a knowledge transfer period of 10 working days, free of charge

What Our Clients Say


Yao Pian
Tech Lead
Joined Shinetech in 2010


Binguo Yang
Tech Lead&Scrum Master
Joined Shinetech in 2007


Tony Su
Software Engineer Lead
Joined Shinetech in 2012



You may be aware of what kind of software you need to help with your pain points, or how much you are planning to invest on the software, but as for how to get it done, you may don't have a clue. Fill out the following form, Shinetech tech leads will help you easily get started with custom software development journey.